Oliver Perez Clowning Around

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Wonder what Oliver Perez is up to this winter? Here is some video of him clowning around before a winter league game. Perez is playing winter ball for Tomateros de Culiacan. So far in 3 appearances: 3.2 IP | 4 H | 3 ER | 7.36 ERA. Good luck to Sandy Alderson for trying to figure this one out this off-season…

Video courtesy of 16yoris16 YouTube channel.

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4 Responses to Oliver Perez Clowning Around

  1. maryanne says:

    Just pay him and say "Goodbye".

  2. vajra says:

    He should work hard to get good enough for another look with the mets or be traded for a new start. He won 15 games for the Mets and 10 also. We had only one guy last year who could win 15 games. If he's through, ok. This is a chance to work on new things and get his velocity back. Good luck to you Ollie for trying. With all the great outings you had before the last two years, find out how to bring yourself back. The coach didn't make it happen. If you have to walk away from the Majors, it won't be because you didn't take the chance to work it out in the winter. Everyone has bad outings, especially when they experiment. Don't read the news. Work hard. It's your last chance with the mets and their last chance to get something for a large investment. Forget that. Get good enough to be traded or contribute. Good luck.

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