Three Mets Contracts That Give Me Great Concern

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I give my thoughts on the future of contracts for Johan Santana, Francisco Rodriguez and Jason Bay. For a complete listing of Mets contracts check out Cot’s Baseball Contracts.

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    5 Responses to Three Mets Contracts That Give Me Great Concern

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    2. @GDHebner says:

      Those are certainly all concerning. Regarding Santana while there is always some risk involved in any large long term contract, seemingly more so for a pitcher, I didn't anticipate that he would finish every season as a Met by having surgery. That's been very disappointing but as you note he's still a quality pitcher and if he can just stay on the field I feel confident he will perform more than adequately.

      Bay is such a wild card. I just don't know what to expect post-concussion so I hesitate to make any comment.

      The KRod contract, in my opinion, is the worst of the three. Not because of his health which has been fine, nor his age as he's still quite young, and not even his off-field indiscretions which if I had to guess have peaked. The reason I really dislike this contract is the easily attainable, awful option for $17.5 million. KRod is no Mariano Rivera and I don't even think Rivera is worth $17.5 million. That's just a terrible portion of a total payroll to commit to a closer from my perspective.

      I remember the day Alderson was hired I went right to Cot's Contracts and noted that, contract-wise, the first time Sandy Alderson will truly have "his" team will be the 2015 season. Hopefully he can work with the bad contract decisions of the previous administration in the meantime. I'll certainly be cutting him some slack in that context.

      • kerelcooper says:

        I agree that K-Rod's is the worst of the three. I'm hope he pitches well this year and if the Mets are out of it by mid-summer (I hope not) they can trade him away. I really don't want to see that option kick in.

    3. Adam says:

      First of all, We all hope Bay will become comfy in New York, I believe it was his first time, I think, being asked about "The Pressure of NY" and he was never asked that before, and got in his head, you could just see it, but, that being said, he had his moments. He was basically David Wright of last year. I do believe he'll have a David Wright year this year, and hopefully the rest of the contract…..We can only hope…..

      K-Rod….There are 2 things….1….No one Closer is Mariano Rivera, Every team, but the Yankees, Hate their closer, because that guy over there ruined it for all closers (Except Brian Wilson Now too)…..2….He needs to perform and act like a pro, or I believe "The Sand Man" will do what he needs to do.

      Santana…I hope he learns more pitches, and becomes more of a "Crafty Lefty", like he's not crafty already, I know, but become a "Silent Sneaky Killer" up there. I hope he can get healthy and stay that way, or this will look like a "Very Bad Idea".

      Thanks for the Numbers Kerel, There is a ton of Cash invested, But I believe Sandy "Could" turn this puppy around…

      Mets Go, Lets Go

      • kerelcooper says:

        On Bay – normally I would agree with your comments about the pressure of NY but I can't help but think he faced similar pressures playing in a market like Boston + the pressure of replacing Manny and he did just fine in Boston. I hope he comes back fully recovered.

        On K-Rod – agreed, no is like Mo and we probably won't see another Mo for a very very long time. The off the field stuff is what bothers me most about him because it causes unwanted distractions.

        On Santana – #1 thing is for him to be completely healthy. If healthy he's still one of the best in the NL. With that said I think the Mets need a front of the line rotation pitcher. Not 2, 3, 4 or 5 (they have plenty of those, especially 4 and 5's) but a solid/true #1. The Giants proved this year that a team with great pitching, good defense and timely hitting can win it all.

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