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I recently went on a tour of Citi Field. The tour consists of a visit to the Mets Clubhouse, Field/Dugout, Press Box, Sterling Suite Level, Empire Suite Level, the Mets Hall of Fame and more. The tour is about an hour long and cost $10 for adults, $7 for kids under 12 and $7 for seniors (60+).

I thought the tour was pretty nice and the Mets staff members do a good job of explaining things throughout. There are a few ground rules that must be followed:

  • You are allowed to take as many pics as you want throughout the tour but there is one restriction: you cannot take any pics within the Mets Clubhouse. They want to make sure the players privacy is protected. This makes sense to me. Some guys like David Wright still had a lot of things in his locker (apparently he comes to Citi Field regularly in the off season to work out) and a lot of the players mailboxes were still full.
  • You cannot step on the field. You must stay on the warning track.
  • No video recording. I must say, being a video blogger this is the only rule that I was disappointed by. I’m glad I decided to bring my camera (hence all the pics below and a rare written blog post from me).
  • If interested in taking a tour, go here for more info. I’ve segmented the pics below into different galleries based on the areas of the ballpark we visited. Click on an image to get a larger/popup view. I’m trying out a new photo tool plugin so if you have any issues viewing the images, let me know.

    Press Box and Other Shots

    Empire Level

    Sterling Level

    Field and Dugout

    Mo’s Zone and Bullpen

    Yearbook Covers

    Hall of Fame and Museum

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    3. Julie says:

      Great pictures. I like how you broke them into little sections. I hope to catch a tour sooner than later.

    4. @DVDaniels says:

      Nice Pics! No tour of the Shake Shack? That's my favorite part of the park. ;)

    5. Jose7 says:

      Why are parts of the fiels covered in sand?

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