Q & A: Mets Closer Situation

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I answer the following viewer question:

Anthony: What do you think will happen this off season regarding the closer situation? Do you think the Mets are willing to part ways with K-Rod and use Bobby Parnell as the Mets next closer or do you think they’ll try and acquire a closer via free agency or a trade?

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    2 Responses to Q & A: Mets Closer Situation

    1. Metsie says:

      It makes sense that he is. The value on him right now is zero, so I wouldn't expect any notion of moving him in the offseason, but if he performs well and we are still not competing or playing well at the trade deadline I can see them moving him at that point in time to get some pieces once his value is semi restored. He would actually be an attractive trade target since he will have that option available to his new team giving them contract flexibility.

      But for all of this to work he needs to pitch well the first half and keep his nose clean (read: Fists to himself!)

      • kerelcooper says:

        agree with you on this. Worst case Mets are bad, he pitches well, we get him outta here by the trade deadline. Best case Mets are good and he pitches good. Hoping for the latter of the two but we will see.

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