2010 Mets Position Review: Second Base

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I do a quick recap of the Mets 2010 second base position and also look ahead to 2011.

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  • 4 Responses to 2010 Mets Position Review: Second Base

    1. Metsie says:

      I agree that we can carry Tejada's bat provided the other guys hit to their average.
      Beltran hit .320 with a .603 SLG in September which says to me that he has not lost anything in his hitting it just took him two months to find his stroke after missing half the season. I would not trade Beltran but would consider moving him to right and letting Pagan play center until Beltran has the brace off and is 100%.

      As much as it is desirable to get more offensive production out of the 2B, I believe with our pitching staff as currently exists it is ultimatly more important to have good fielding at second to help our Pitchers stay out of big innings and turn those inning ending double plays.

      I think with the right hitting coach Tejada can be improved at the plate and he has some speed that could make him a good 8th hitter in front of the pitcher. He will need to improve his OBP and walk more but I think he can do that without too much issue.

      • kerelcooper says:

        Good point on the defense and supporting the pitching staff. My main concern with Beltran is will he be healthy? I think we all can probably agree that if healthy he will produce. Especially going into the last year of his deal before free agency. I just don't know if he can stay healthy and if the Mets bank on him and he gets hurt he leaves a big void not only in CF but more importantly in the middle of the lineup.

    2. Mark Healey says:

      I wouldn't mind seeing a platoon at second base either…Murphy/Tejada might be the best oif both worlds.

      • kerelcooper says:

        Thanks for the comments Mark and welcome. I'm not sure I'd like a platoon of Murphy and Tejada because they are both young players and both probably need to play every day in order to get better. Whether is down in the minors or with the big boys, I think the Mets should make sure both play as much as possible in 2011.

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