What I’m Looking For With Six Games Left

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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7 Responses to What I’m Looking For With Six Games Left

  1. Dean says:

    Anyone else notice that the one thing Kerel wasn’t looking for in the Mets last six games was a win? I don’t know whether that is sad, realistic, or just plain funny.

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  3. Hiver says:

    im just looking for it to end. cant do this anymore.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Are you looking forward to seeing what happens to Jerry, Omar and possible moves this off season?

      • Dean says:

        I’m interested in seeing what the Mets do in the offseason (seriously), especially Omar. They wouldn’t be getting rid of Jerry because his contract ends at the end of the year. Omar is a different case because his contract runs through 2012 and firing him means paying him. I am not sure Mets ownership is willing to do that. Is it the best baseball decision, no, but neither is dictating to your GM what to do. Clearly, the Wilpons do not trust Minaya anymore but at the same time they don’t want to fire him and pay him the rest of his contract.

        The Jerry situation is interesting and one of the biggest reasons why is the free agent market at the end of this year. What big names are out there? There really isn’t anyone the Mets could sign to make them a better team. Will hiring a new manager but surrounded by the same group of players result in a playoff team next year? I am not so sure. So an argument can be made the Mets might extend him two more years when the free agent market really heats up. Will Manuel accept a position as a long-term babysitter? I think so, just look at how he sold out Willie Randolph to get the Mets manager job a couple of years ago. As long as he is in the driver’s seat, I don’t think he really cares how or why he is there.

        Personally, (and again, I preface this by saying, I am being serious here, not sarcastic) I would like to see Bobby Valentine return to coach for the Mets. The Mets might not be able to add guys to their team to improve for next year but I do think people will come out to see Bobby V. coach. I don’t know what it is about the man but he makes Mets games a bit more interesting when he is on the bench. Who knows, maybe increased attendance might help the Mets win 10 more games next year (they still won’t make the playoffs though).

      • Tim says:

        I am more excited for this off season than I have every been. On one hand I think the Wilpons will finally smarten up and say "Maybe we should let the pro's handle our team" and hire someone who knows what they are doing. A fan favorite seems to be Bobby V, do you think he would be the right man for the job? My expectations are not very high though.

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