Fan Shows Off His New York Mets Tattoos

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

This guy and I may be the only two New York Mets/Chicago Bears fans in the world. Yes I know weird combo of teams. Check out the video below as this Mets fan shows off his New York Mets Tattoos.

Video courtesy of MrRallymonkey YouTube Channel.

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3 Responses to Fan Shows Off His New York Mets Tattoos

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  2. @pricedout says:

    Make that three of us. The two organizations couldn't be anymore comparable though. McCaskey's & Wilpon's both chastised for their spending (or lack there of) despite fielding large payrolls. Angleo & Minaya both go out and sign "splash" free agents while ignoring glaring holes in their teams (Pepper's v.s. O-Line/Secondary Help, Bay v.s. Don't get me started on this one). Smith and Manuel are both absurd tacticians given far too many chances from management. Each team last won a championship within a year of each other in the 80's and then didn't come close again until '06. I could go on and on. Regardless, It's an unfortunate fate being a fan of both.

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