Should Jon Niese Be Shut Down?

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

During last night’s 7-5 loss to the Marlins I asked the following question on Twitter and Facebook:

Question – Jon Niese has a career high in IP this year. He hasn’t looked good lately. Should the Mets shut him down?

In the video below I answer my own question. Below this video are responses I received from my Facebook and Twitter friends.


DavidC_57 yes becuz lets say the Mets r in it next year they want Neise to be able to go down the stretch up to 200 innings

FormerDirtDart Looks like Niese in line for 2 more starts. I think it is unlikely Mets shut him down. I think Org. is desperate for .500

netsjetsfan I want to make a smart ass remark but I wont.

sabometrics It would definitely make sense to shut him down. Weren’t they considering it before?

mikedeeez It shouldnt be a question. He should have been shut down a week or two ago.

Cntwll yeah might as well. I’d give him these next few innings to lower that ERA back down under 4 where it has bascially been all year

Mets_Fever they should have shut him down four starts ago

Cntwll now that I look at it, niese probably should have been shut down


Cliff Miller May as well shut him down. The entire team shut down much earlier.

Jason Bornstein ‎3rd rookie year. makes sense to shut him down. there’s been talk about it for a few weeks now. soon, they’ll run out of time to shut him down.

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