Mets Game Recap: Mets 4 Braves 6

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Quick Game Notes:

  • Final Score: Mets 4 – Braves 6
  • Box Score: Click here for the complete box score.
  • Mets Record: 74-74
  • Key Moment In The Game: In my opinion the key moment was the top of the 4th inning when the Braves scored six runs. All runs where unearned due to a David Wright error.
  • Game Ball: Lucas Duda: 2-3 | 2 RBI. Duda hit his first MLB career home run.
  • Additional Comments:
  • Jon Niese: 4 IP | 5 H | 0 ER (6 unearned) | 4 SO.
  • Mets Offense: Bats were quiet tonight – 6 Hits | 8 SO.
  • Mets are now 44-28 at home.
  • The Mets four game winning streak was snapped.
  • Up Next: The New York Mets play the second game of the series against the Atlanta Braves: Saturday September 18, 2010 at 4:10 pm.
  • 9 Responses to Mets Game Recap: Mets 4 Braves 6

    1. FormerDirtDart says:

      What do you think about shutting Niese down, or moving him to the 'pen the rest of the way? Niese has thrown four times the number of innings this year, that he threw in '08 & '09 combined. And, it's not like he threw many innings in the minors last year either. I would even consider letting him stay in the rotation, but only giving him three innings per start. I know a lot of purist just had a stroke…lol…but it's probably better than working out of the 'pen on shorter warm-ups. Just a thought

      • kerelcooper says:

        I'd be more open to letting Niese start and put him on a pitch count. I say that for a few reasons:
        1. I don't like moving a young starter to the bullpen. I'm concerned that might do more harm than good because now he would have to change his preparation at the end of the season. Niese's future on this team is as a starter, no need to mess around with that (IMO).
        2. I don't want the Mets to shut him down on a bad note. Let him go back out there and try to figure it out. I'd like to see him try to end the season on a positive note (the flip side to that is of course he gets worse).
        3. You raise a good point about the innings. Maybe send him out there for one or two more starts but limit his pitch count. Something the Mets organization should think about.

        • FormerDirtDart says:

          We're definitely agreed that something has to be done. Just seems like Niese is out of steam. Like you, I liek the "short start" option more than the 'pen or shut-down ones.
          Another problem is that, even with an expanded roster, the Mets are working their way into a pitcher shortage. They have 16 pitchers on the roster now, but that's really 13 1/2 at best. Santana and Mejia haven't been DL'd for some reason, and the 1/2 is Perez. The only pitchers left on the 40-man are Tobi Stoner (technically a starter), and Eddie Kunz (RP). I'm not sure why Stoner isn't up yet, he's already been up this season, so I don't believe it will cost another option (I could be wrong). I have no idea at all what the deal is on Kunz, never seen or heard of him.
          The fact that the team is already talking about maybe going with a 4-man rotation the rest of the way only complicates the "Niese-out-of-gas" problem.
          To get any other pitchers up there will need to be a move(s) made with the 40-man roster. The simple one would be putting Santana of the 60-day DL, But, does management want to burn an option on a player, considering where this season is going to end.

          • kerelcooper says:

            I think what you might see is Oliver Perez get a start at some point before the season ends. At this point I wouldn't be oppose to it.

            • FormerDirtDart says:

              Frankly, if I was Jerry, I would put Ollie in the rotation, make Niese's spot Niese-Misch. That way Misch can prepare like a starter and come in at Niese's pitch/inning count

            • Sunnysider says:

              I agree. Since they're out of contention, it wouldn't hurt to give him a start.

    2. Sunnysider says:

      Sorry in advance, I missed the game so I'm confused at the moment. How did Niese get 6 unearned runs?

    3. Sunnysider says:

      Oh, I meant how does that error end up being 6. It blew my mind at the time lol.

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