Gary Carter New York Mets Ivory Soap Commercial

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

I love these old commercials.

Courtesy of maxcareyhof YouTube Channel.

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2 Responses to Gary Carter New York Mets Ivory Soap Commercial

  1. AC Wayne says:

    "make a clean break" hilarious, that soap was terrible, it was gov't issued, I guarantee that the troops overseas aren't even using that stuff, they probable use the perfume-based soaps, and what's up w/the aerosol spray can, aren't those bad for the ozone layer, I remember you had to shower a bunch of times to smooth out the corners, I must say Carter had that "star" quality, funny, at the Mets HOF ceremony his hair was totally straight, do you think he traded in the perm for the body wave, haha, great post

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