Mets vs Football Sunday

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Earlier today I asked the following question on Facebook and Twitter:

Is everyone strictly onto football today or will some of you keep an eye on the Mets game? Curious.

In the video below I answer my own question. Below the video are responses I received on Facebook and Twitter.

-Brian Miller The Mets are dead to me until Omar and Jerry are gone.

-Chuck Monsanto If Mets had won friday it would have been nice to see them sweep and maybe hurt the phils.

-Hiver Ambroise im a vikings fan so im basically setting my self up for a fall version of my summer pain. Heartbreaking playoff loss here I come!!

-Kevin Greaves Yeah I’ll be flipping back and forth.


-tuli_reno Am I the only one?

-metgirl4ever Neither… doing laundry

-Majin_Bernard All about the pigskin today. But if the Mets win the series, cool.

-darknova306 All baseball all day. I can’t stand football.

-pattigibbons I’ll be watching baseball because CBS is showing me a game I could not care less about.

-FormerDirtDart I’ll be tracking tracking the #Mets & #Giants online, Only football game I have at 1pm is Broncos @ Jaguars

-purple_fairy5 football!

-TheHappyRecap The Mets are still playing??? How cute. I’d rather watch Browns-Bucs than another minute of Mets baseball this season.

-TheRopolitans Football, but I’ll check in on the Mets every so often.

-julierubes I’ll pay a little attention. I’ll be working and we can only 8 things routed in. So I’ll probably follow the Mets online.

-EllieMets94 I try to like football. I really try. But I hate it. It’s all baseball for me.

-pymrod football.

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3 Responses to Mets vs Football Sunday

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  2. Steve says:

    Mets are great, I love watching them and i have a good feeling about the 2011 line up.

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