This Date In Mets History: Tom Seaver Returns To Shea Stadium

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

According to on August 21, 1977, “In his first appearance at Shea Stadium since being traded, Tom Seaver throws a 6-hitter against his former teammates and strikes out 11 helping the Reds defeat the Mets, 5-1.”

In the video below Tom Seaver and Pete Rose visit the Mike Douglas Show. Watch as Tom Seaver talks about his trade from the Mets and his contract.

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4 Responses to This Date In Mets History: Tom Seaver Returns To Shea Stadium

  1. TS41 says:

    Every June 15, I take a moment to visit the cemetery and pee on M. Donald Grant's grave.

    FU Grant!

  2. Mike says:

    Wow, Douglas asked Rose to explain free agency because "the ladies I'm not sure understand that." No way he'd get away with that kind of statement today.

    And is that Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher sitting on the other side of Douglas?

    Neat video. Seaver seemed genuinely unhappy with how things turned out with the Mets' front office.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Yeah that would have gotten a different reaction these days. Even the way Rose talks about free agency and renegotiating contracts. Players don't talk that freely today. That does look like Harrison Ford but not 100% sure.

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