Mets Game Recap: Mets 1 Phillies 0

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Quick Game Notes:

  • Final Score: Mets 1 – Phillies 0
  • Box Score: Click here for the complete box score.
  • Mets Record: 58-57
  • Key Moment In The Game: In my opinion the key moment was the bottom of the 6th inning when the two guys in the middle of the Mets lineup that have been slumping teamed up for the Mets only run. Back to back doubles by David Wright and Carlos Beltran with 2 outs proved to be the difference.
  • Game Ball: R.A. Dickey: 9 IP | 1 H | 0 ER | 7 SO.
  • Additional Comments:
  • Beltran now has 4 hits in his last 7 at bats. Lets hope he’s starting to heat up.
  • Ruben Tejada is struggling. He is 0-14 at the plate in the month of August.
  • The Mets won back to back games for the first time since late June.
  • Mets are now 36-20 at home this season.
  • Up Next: The New York Mets play the second game of the series against the Philadelphia Phillies: Saturday August 14, 2010 at 7:10 pm.
  • 3 Responses to Mets Game Recap: Mets 1 Phillies 0

    1. AC Wayne says:

      With back-to-back complete-game shutouts by Santana and Dickey, who needs a closer…K-rod gets re-instated tom'row night, he probably won't see action with Pat Misch going up against Halladay but the Mets/Phils play Sunday night on ESPN, if he's called upon in that game, talk about some high-drama…too bad the Braves won tonight vs LA

      • kerelcooper says:

        Do you think the Mets are brining him back too soon? Part of me feels they should have suspended him for the remainder of the season.

        • AC Wayne says:

          Similar to how they handled Ryan Church's concussion last season, the Mets find themselves in unchartered territory w/the K-Rod situation…Joel Sherman suggested that the Mets attempt to void the remainder of Rodriguez' contract, however, as he stated in his piece in Sat.'s Post, that is very difficult to accomplish…Minaya alluded to his conversation prior to dishing out the 2-gm susp. w/the players' association, I'm sure the front office wanted to come down hard on K-Rod but not sure if the union has specific rules as to what clubs can and cannot due…I personally felt that what occurred after the game on Wed. night w/K-Rod was embarrassing to all that was affected, the players, their families, the Mets organization as well as the fans…to add to your comment, I don't think K-Rod should be gone for the whole season but perhaps a little longer than two games, maybe five would've have sufficed, have him come back on either Mon. or Tues on the road in Houston…overall, just a bad scene

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