Links: Interview, David Wright, R.A. Dickey and Batting Practice

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Sorry, no video today but below are a few Mets related links I’m reading.

  • Scott Wallace of Mets Paradise asked me to participate in a recent round table discussion with some of my fellow Mets bloggers. The main topic of discussion is the status of the Mets, post trade deadline. Click Here to read the comments of Michael Baron (Metsblog / Mets Photos), Michael Ganci (Daily Stache), Mack Ade (Macks Mets), Frank Gray (Mets Gazette) and Yours Truly.
  • Over at Mets Merized Online, Tie Dyed talks about how David Wright could be getting tired of playing for a losing team and the Mets organization needs to turn this around, or Wright may leave after 2013.
  • My Thoughts: Any thing can happen over the next few years and in my opinion the Mets are not that far off from turning it around. What Tie points out is worth thinking about but at this time I’m not concerned about David Wright leaving in 3-4 years but give this blog post a read. It’s well done.
  • Is R.A. Dickey a Superhero? Loge Mezzanine of Mets Today seems to think so.
  • My Thoughts: Its funny how baseball works sometimes. A guy who was not even on the Mets opening day roster has been their most consistent pitcher this season. If he continues to pitch this way the Mets will have no choice but to try to bring him back next year. The interesting thing will be at what dollar amount and number of years?
  • In case you missed it, below is batting practice footage I took while down on the field for the Mets/Cardinals game on July 28, 2010.
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