Q & A: Should The Mets Trade Carlos Beltran

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I answer the following viewer question:

I hate to sound like Mr. Negativity here, but I think that the Mets 1-6 record since the All-Star break is largely due to Carlos Beltran’s return to the Mets. Perhaps he messed up the vibrant team chemistry that has existed in the clubhouse prior to the All-Star break. In your opinion, do you think that the Mets should cut ties with Beltran and trade him for some much needed pitching help?

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11 Responses to Q & A: Should The Mets Trade Carlos Beltran

  1. FormerDirtDart says:

    I have to agree with you, that Beltran is hardly likely to be the cause of this dismal road-trip. Facts are the current slide started during the previous road-trip, in Puerto Rico.

    Not sure I'm in agreement about not trading Beltran though. But, that prospect has been rendered moot, since it seems highly unlikely that Carlos' bat will awaken before the trade deadline, and attract suitors.

    • kerelcooper says:

      LOL I just made a comment about the last series they won was against the Twins (the series before PR) so I agree with you on that. Regarding trading Beltran, I think long term it may be best if they can move him but maybe that should occur in the off-season. I think right now that the Mets are really going to need his bat if they are to get back in the race (which by the way I still believe they can do). Furthermore, like I stated in the video I think his salary and full no trade clause will make it difficult to move him. Especially right now.

  2. Metsie says:

    He is not the direct cause, but if you believe the slide is due to a distinct lack of leadership then he might be and indirect cause of that.
    Before he got here guys like Wright and Francouer were the vocal guys in the locker room. Now Jeff isn't playing and likely laying low and Wright is probably defering to Beltran as leader. Problem is I don't really see Bletran as a leader at all.

    As for a trade of Beltran well if it was for for Cliff Lee I might have been for it but not for anything thats out there now.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I hear ya but the slide really began long before Beltran was back. I just took a look at their schedule and I didn't realize this but the last series they won was back in June against the Twins. Since then they have lost 6 series and tied one series.

  3. AC Wayne says:

    Prior to the All-Star Break or Pre-Beltran, the Mets had a nice makeup…younger outfield with Frenchy, Pagan, and Bay…a nice smooth DP-tandem in Reyes and Tejada w/Wright and Davis on the corner infield spots…Thole would be getting more PT as well…strong starting pitching and a so-so bullpen back ended w/an All-Star closer in Rodriguez.

    Now, the lineup is a little older w/Castillo and Beltran not to mention that both of them are coming off of long stints on the DL and if Barajas didn’t land on the DL, he would have been starting over Thole.

    I don’t blame Beltran…I personally felt that the absence of Reyes after that PR series was the Mets downfall, but there is some truth to blaming Beltran, not him specifically but the veteran movement that has now superseded the youth movement that made the Mets so exciting before the break, throw in Ollie Perez and you have a big bowl of been-there-down-that with those three guys…we’ve seen what Beltran, Castillo, and Perez can give ‘ya, I say, “shape up or ship out.”

    • AC Wayne says:

      Should have read been-there-done-that…apologize for the mistake, Let’s Go Mets!

    • kerelcooper says:

      Good points. I will admit I like seeing the young guys like Tejada and Thole getting some playing time and I hear what your saying about the "regulars" coming back. They had a nice win tonight and we see what this team can do when they hit the ball. Let's just hope it's consistent.

  4. Richard Toussaint says:

    Do you think the Mets should trade Beltran to Texas for Josh Hamilton or Milwaukee for Carlos Gomez or maybe Houston for Hunter Pence.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Nope, not at all. Beltran should stay on this team (at least for this season). If they Mets are going to make a playoff run Beltran has to be a key part of it.

    • FormerDirtDart says:

      Man…I almost spit-up soda all over my monitor…lol. Rangers aren't sending Hamilton to the Mets for Beltran, Wright and Ryes combined…lol

  5. kerelcooper says:

    Def not a trade I can ever see happening.

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