Johan Santana Is On A Roll

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

After a tough June there was growing concern about Johan Santana. Even this blogger was starting to get a little worried but Santana has turned it around and is currently having his best month of the season.

Johan Santana’s Last 5 Starts:

  • The Mets have a record of 4-1.
  • In 38 IP Santana has given up 3 ER.
  • Santana has pitched 7 or more innings in each of his last 5 starts.
  • Santana has given up 0 home runs.
  • Now all the Mets have to do is keep the offense going good, get Mike Pelfrey to pitch better, trade for another starting pitcher and we will be good to go!

    In case you missed last night’s game check out my recap and video of Jason Bay’s outstanding catch courtesy of

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    3 Responses to Johan Santana Is On A Roll

    1. Mike Corsano says:

      Just when you are ready to give up on the Mets, they come through with a game like this. Probably the best all-around game they’ve played this year: great pitching, timely hitting, and exceptional defense. Will this game finally be the wakeup call for Jason Bay this year?

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