Concern Over Mike Pelfrey

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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4 Responses to Concern Over Mike Pelfrey

  1. I agree that Pelf will not continue to be this bad, but you're right, his last few starts are a cause for concern as the Mets continue through the second half. They definitely need another starter. That being said, without a premier starter like Cliff Lee available, Minaya must be prudent in his efforts to trade for a starter and not trade too much in youth for a guy like Ben Sheets or Ted Lilly.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Interesting, I was listening to WFAN on my drive home today and Jerry Manuel was on. He said he would like another starting pitcher. Usual to hear a manager come out and say that but I'm glad he did.

  2. philles suck says:

    Mike Pelfrey is a no. 2 starter but as u said he must ajust cause right now niese is the no.2 starter

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