Mets Dodge Bullet, Can Make Up Ground

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

As a Mets fan you can’t be happy with what went down in San Francisco over the weekend but at the same time as bad as the Mets were it could have been a lot worse in terms of the NL East standings.

Watch the video below as I explain why I feel the Mets dodged a bullet in San Francisco but now have a chance to make up a couple games in Arizona.

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One Response to Mets Dodge Bullet, Can Make Up Ground

  1. FormerDirtDart says:

    It should be noted that the Phillies lost 3 of 4 against the not so mighty Cubbie's. While the Braves managed to split a 4 game set with the Brewers, who like the Cubs, aren't exactly a powerhouse in the central.

    Also of note, the Mets pitching staff needs to be careful. Arizona's Chase Field has been something of a launching pad this season.

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