Q & A: Mike Pelfrey Outlook For The Second Half

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I answer the following viewer question:

SafetySam: Mike Pelfrey was the first half ace for the Mets this season but after having a string of shaky outings and now losing to the Braves Saturday, where do you think Mike Pelfrey stands as far as the second half of the season? Do you feel Pelfreys better outtings, this season, are behind him or do you think this is just a small bump for Mike and he’ll get back on track to being the All Star caliber pitcher he was during the first half of the season?

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One Response to Q & A: Mike Pelfrey Outlook For The Second Half

  1. RPtheOG says:

    Pelfrey has delivered the goods so far in 2010 and I expect that trend to continue. He is no longer the young kid in the rotation and expect him to finish out the season on a high note.

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