WFAN Contest: Looks Like I’m Advancing

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

As I blogged about on Sunday, I entered the WFAN Fantasy Phenom Contest. I haven’t received the official phone call yet but Twitter buddies GDHebner and CoreyNYC said they heard my name announced on WFAN today.

I just checked the WFAN website and I’m listed as one of the ten “Menlo Park Advancers”. Click here or on the image below to watch my video along with the nine other “Menlo Park Advancers”. My video is in the lower right. Pretty exciting stuff that I’m moving on to the next round!

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17 Responses to WFAN Contest: Looks Like I’m Advancing

  1. @GDHebner says:

    Just checked out the vid, well done especially considering you just latched on to that topic moments before.

    Keep it going all the way to the end!

    • kerelcooper says:

      You know, I was struggling with a topic to talk about because I wanted it to be somewhat unique. And actually about 5 mins before I went on stage the guy in line behind me gave me the idea of the topic I used. He is a Yankees fan and I promised him if I win he can come on my show :)

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  3. James K. says:

    Awesome, keep advancing

  4. Dave Doyle says:

    Alright! I knew you would make it.

  5. RPtheOG says:

    I think you did a great job. Best of luck with the next round.

  6. Brandon says:

    Congrats on advancing! I heard there was about 500 people there or so, thats great to get into the top 10. How early did you have to get there? Was the screening process hard? Hope you keep advancing through the contest!

  7. MattyLoop says:

    Great job Coop…I have been getting updates.

    As for the content…typical Mets fan expecting to get a top flight talent without giving up anything. Yeah, Mejia looked good at times but he isnt he hurt now? (And even if he wasn't, he isnt nearly the player/prospect) that Justin Smoak is.

    You guys havent won in 24 years. This year seems like the perfect storm for you (Philly's struggles, an extremely weak National League with the Reds and Padres leading the other divisions) and you dont want to give up a Jonathon Niese to make a run at a title?

    Have to give something to get something….especially if that something is as good as Cliff Lee.

    • kerelcooper says:

      "expecting to get a top flight talent without giving up anything." That sounds like Yankee fans to me, no? The chances of Niese ever being as good as Cliff Lee is slim, BUT I can't give up a young left handed pitcher for a rental. If Lee is willing to sign a deal now then sure, do it. My point is the Mets could have given the Mariners about 4 decent prospects and made a run at him. If they don't have the one big prospect to give up for him, get creative. It seems like they didn't even want to do that.

  8. vcmetsfan28 says:

    Good Luck Kerel that is very exciting news!!!!

  9. MattyLoop says:

    Again….4 mid level prospects wouldn’t have topped Smoak + 3 other prospects. The Yankees were willing to offer Montero (a top 10 prospect in all of baseball). Creative means Niese plus a couple other guys. You arent good enough to win this year….thats a given. With Lee? You probably would have jumped up to the same odds as the Yankees.

    Sometimes you have to build for the future. And sometimes you have to take a shot at winning it all. The Rangers did that.

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