First Half MVP and Carlos Beltran’s Return

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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  1. RPtheOG says:

    David Wright is a safe choice, but Angel Pagan arguable could be the NY Mets MVP tp date. He has finally developed into an everyday player batting over 0.300, hopefully with the return of Beltran he'll still get the bulk of playing time over the Canadian import and the overpriced guy in left. Pagan should play everyday (and we all know Beltran is not gonna sit). So, lets see how Jerry handles this one.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I agree Pagan should play everyday. He's needed at the top of the lineup, especially if Reyes is not healthy. I would say that I think Pagan will probably get time over Jeff Francoeur as I feel that Jason Bay should also play everyday even though he's struggling. I still feel that Bay will get hot at some point in the second half and when he gets hot he has the talent to carry the offense. I'm hoping the lineup looks like this: Reyes SS, Pagan RF, Wright 3B, Beltran CF, Bay LF, Davis 1B, Barajas C, Tejada 2B, Pitcher.

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