Top Five Blog Posts For June 2010

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Below is a listing of the top five most viewed stories on On The Black for the month of June 2010.

1. As the Playing For Peanuts videos make their way around the internet I continue to see a high amount of traffic for them. If you have not seen it yet, watch Wally Backman flip out on an umpire and get ejected.

2. If the video above isn’t enough for you, listen to Wally Backman go on a tirade in a post game speech.

3. Johan Santana has given up 4 ER or more in his last 4 starts. Concern amongst Mets fans continues to grow. In this blog post I point out some of those concerns.

4. In this video post I answer a view questions about whether the Mets should trade for Cliff Lee or sign Pedro Martinez.

5. During the most recent Mets-Yankees series Delta Airlines hosted a bunch of events. I’m going to assume a lot of people were interested in these events since this post made the top 5. If anyone out their attended or took pics, please let us know how it was.

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