Breaking Down Jerry’s Late Inning Move Last Night

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I take a look at some of Jerry Manuel’s late inning moves in last night’s 7-6 loss to the Marlins and discuss how I would have handled them differently.

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7 Responses to Breaking Down Jerry’s Late Inning Move Last Night

  1. vcmetsfan28 says:


    good points, all critical and somewhat head scratching moves. With that being said, I think K-Rod pitching in the 8th has more to do with K-Rod saying he needs work than Manuel wanting to bring him in. Now I have nothing to base this on other than personal opinion and Its my opinion that K-Rod, is a bit of a prima donna. So I believe he lets the staff know before the game that he must get into that game to get his work in. So in instances like last night I feel it puts Manuel between a rock and a hard place on how and when he gets K-Rod into the game.

    The one move I'm surprised you didn't mention and the move I felt was the biggest of the game was pitching to Uggla with first base open and not INT walking him or just unintenionally intentionally walking him. Uggla had hit a HR of a lefty (takahashi) already in the game and as Jerry described after the game both Feliciano and Takahashi have similar change ups…

    Like you I hate playing Monday Morning QB, but I felt this one was a big one….

    • kerelcooper says:

      I agree that K-Rod probably forced his way into that game but at the same time Jerry is the manager and he needs to do what's best for the team and bringing K-Rod into that game last night in the 8th inning was not what was best at the time.

      At the time I was actually ok with pitching to Uggla because he strikes out a lot and I thought maybe Feliciano had a chance to get him to chase a bad pitch but you bring up a good point about him already hitting a HR off Takahashi earlier.

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  3. tomterif says:

    Karel, based on this post on I obviously agree with you.…. But if you're going to outline this on video, try to get the names of the principals correct. Feliciano did not hit the ball after Barajas, it was Chris Carter. Feliciano wasn't the runner on third, it was Alex Cora. Also, the other reason for not pinch-hitting for Tejada in the ninth was the need to save players in case the game goes extra innings.

  4. AC Wayne says:

    It’s no secret that K-Rod gets rusty if he sees limited action, but like you said, the Mets were only down by two runs, playing in a stadium that caters to the low ball, and let’s face it, the Marlins don’t exactly have a shutdown defense, save your closer…I have been screaming since the start of the season that Manuel has not lived up to his side of the bargain by administering roles for his bullpen…I get it, he doesn’t have much to work with…here’s an idea, K-Rod as your closer, obviously, and the rest of them, put there names in a hat and pick at random, at the very least, the guys in the BP will know when they should be warming up…good job so far from Parnell

    • kerelcooper says:

      It was good to see K-Rod saved the day last night. Parnell has pitched well but something in me says not to trust him in a big spot. I hope I'm wrong.

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