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In preparation for the Mets/Twins weekend series, I chatted with Seth Stohs of and fellow Baseball Bloggers Alliance member. Read below as we discuss Johan Santana facing his old team, Joe Mauer and the Twins 2010 World Series chances.

Q. Tell the readers a little about yourself and
A. My name is Seth Stohs, and I’ve been writing the Twins-related blog at since May of 2003. I am one of four TwinsCentric bloggers that have written a few books and magazines in the last year. We also provided content for the Twins annual. My blog is on the Twins but focuses also on the Twins minor leagues. I have written 2009 and 2010 versions of the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook. I host the Weekly Minnesota Twins Podcast and co-host Twins Minor League Weekly. I am a Regulatory Product Planner for Marvin Windows & Doors, and have an active four year old daughter.

Q. The Twins are currently in first place and are the defending AL Central Champs. What are your thoughts on the Twins 2010 playoff chances and possibly a trip to the World series?
A. I believe that the Twins are the class of the AL Central. I think they easily have the most talent. Right now, they are slumping and struggling and have allowed the Tigers to stick with them and the White Sox to jump right back into the race (although the Sox have won 13 out of 14, so they deserve a ton of credit too). The general belief is that the Twins should win the division title but that without adding a significant piece (see Lee, Cliff), they will struggle against the Rays or Yankees in the playoffs.

Q. Give me one area of the Twins roster you’d like to see them improve?
A. The Twins do need a true ace. Francisco Liriano has been very good again this year. Carl Pavano has more than exceeded any expectations. Scott Baker has been solid for the most part, if inconsistent. Kevin Slowey and Nick Blackburn have been the definition of inconsistent, if I’m being positive. Adding someone like Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt or Dan Haren would help as well. 3B is another area many believe that the Twins could improve, and they could, but it shouldn’t be as high of a priority.

Q. Joe Mauer has struggled a little bit with hitting home runs so far this season. Any concern? What do you think the issue is?
A. Mauer has just three home runs this year. Target Field has been playing very big. He has crushed no fewer than eight to ten balls that would have been homers in the Metrodome that have died in the vast expanses of the gaps and CF at Target Field. Jason Kubel has found a way to pull the ball more at Target Field to hit home runs, but Joe Mauer refuses to change his approach at the plate to match a ballpark. Obviously there aren’t very many Joe Mauers out there, and I don’t think he should change that fluid swing and his approach at the plate. I believe that 28 home runs was probably an anomoly and that 12-18 home runs is more the range he will be in. And I don’t have a problem with that.

Q. Johan Santana was such a dominate pitcher for the Twins and gave you guys a lot of good memories. What are your thoughts on the Twins facing Santana this weekend?
A. It will be kind of fun to see the Twins face Santana. He was such a good friend and teammate to many of the Twins players. It will be interesting to see how he decides to pitch to guys like Mauer and Justin Morneau, guys he played with for several years. Santana was amazing when he was with the Twins. His changeup was incredible, and he has a good slider/curveball too. He won the two Cy Young Awards and really should have won the third (Bartolo Colon won because he had 20 wins one year).

Special thanks to Seth for taking the time to answer some questions for me. Be sure to check him out over at

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