Great Production For Little Cost

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Since we Mets fans are always so quick to point out some of the bad contracts the Mets have (example: Luis Castillo and Alex Cora) I thought I’d take some time to point out some of the very good production the Mets are getting from players who have low dollar contracts. Below is a listing of players who are playing very well that are making under $2 million this season.

  • Angel Pagan:
  • 2010 Salary – $1.5 million
  • .304 AVG | 14 Doubles | 5 Triples | 35 RBI | 14 SB
  • We all know what a great job Pagan has done filling in for Carlos Beltran. Hopefully his recent injury isn’t too serious.
  • Hisanori Takahashi:
  • 2010 Salary - $1 million
  • 6-2 | 3.13 ERA
  • Has been great filling in for “injured” pitchers John Maine and Oliver Perez.
  • R. A. Dickey:
  • 2010 Salary - $600K
  • 6-0 | 2.33 ERA
  • Has been great filling in for “injured” pitchers John Maine and Oliver Perez.
  • Mike Pelfrey:
  • 2010 Salary - $500K
  • 9-2 | 2.69
  • Pelfrey has been the Mets best starting pitcher so far this season.
  • Rod Barajas:
  • 2010 Salary - $500K
  • 11 HR | 30 RBI
  • Barajas power has been a pleasant surprise in the Mets offense this season.
  • Jonathon Niese:
  • 2010 Salary - $402K
  • 4-2 | 4.17 ERA
  • Overall Niese has pitched well this year, better then I thought he would.
  • Ruben Tejada:
  • 2010 Salary - $400K
  • Only batting .255 so far this season but defensively he’s filled in very nicely for an injured Luis Castillo and the bat is starting to come around. Tejada is currently on a 7 game hitting streak.
  • Ike Davis:
  • 2010 Salary - $400K
  • .272 AVG | 8 HR | 31 RBIs
  • Not bad for a kid who was suppose to spend a good part of the season in the minors. Ike Davis has given this team a jolt of energy since he’s been called up and has been the left handed power bat that this team so desperately needed this season.
  • Source: Mets team salary page.

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