David Wright Strikeouts Are Down

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

As I was looking over Mets stats last night I noticed that David Wright’s strike outs seem to be going down this month. So far June has been Wrights best month of the season. Below is a look at how his strike outs are going down while his AVERAGE and SLG% is going up.

Note: The June strike out number is a projection for the month. The June AVG and SLG% are what he’s currently batting as of today for the month of June. Click the images below to expand.

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6 Responses to David Wright Strikeouts Are Down

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  3. Mark says:

    Very interesting. There was no way this guy was going to finish with an average in the 260s given his career totals. Assuming he continues to make contact seeing him in the 300s before it's all said and done won't be surprising.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Agreed. Slowly but surely he's getting back to the old David Wright. Taking pitches the other way, shortening up with two strikes, etc… Good to see. This team needs him to be very solid in the middle of this lineup.

  4. RptheOG says:

    What about that Wright leads the NL in RBIs? Are you still down on the FRANCHISE?

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