Johan Santana: A Couple Concerns

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Johan Santana is currently 4-3, 2.96 ERA. Let’s face it, if the Mets offense supported him better he could have a few more wins. However when digging into Santana’s stats there are a couple things that give me some pause and could become concerning in the not-to-distant future. Check out the graphs below via FANGRAPHS.

K/9: As you can see from the graph below, Santana is not getting the swings and misses he use to get. I’m no pitching expert but I would think this has to do with 1) A decrease in velocity and/or 2) Not consistently locating his pitches. Click on the graph below to expand.

Lefty/Righty WHIP: This graph would seem to suggest that Santana is not as effective against lefties as he use to be (which is important for left handed pitchers). Click on the graph below to expand.

What are your thoughts on how Santana has pitched this year?

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