Mets News: Draft, Mobile App & Megdal For GM

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Here are a few links to get you through your Friday afternoon:

Baseball Draft 2010: I’m not a big draft guy and after the first few picks, I did not follow it that closely. Anyhow, here is a listing of all the players the Mets drafted.

Bloomberg Sports Mobile Baseball App: I received a press release yesterday from Bloomberg Sports announcing the launch of their mobile app. The press release says:

“Available in the iTunes app store (, BLOOMBERG SPORTS Front Office Baseball 2010 application is free to download, providing access to the features mentioned above for the top 10 players. Information for all MLB players can be accessed by purchasing an upgrade that is available for $4.99. Subscribers to Bloomberg sports Fantasy baseball web tools can access the full app for no extra charge by using their current log in information.”

Megdal for GM: Howard Megdal has decided that he wants to be nominated to be the next General Manager of the New York Mets. Click here to read the press release announcing his candidacy. I’ll be following him throughout his campaign run.

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