Upcoming Schedule: Mets Need To Take Care Of Business

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Over the next nine games the Mets play the San Diego Padres, Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Indians. In the video below I explain why the Mets need to make sure they take care of business over the next nine games.

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5 Responses to Upcoming Schedule: Mets Need To Take Care Of Business

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  2. oktoday says:

    You view of 7 out of 9 makes sense to me.

    And if it works out, then that may put the team near the top of their division.

    And it is starting to look like the many hitting weaknesses, that should not have been there, are being put into the right place.

  3. eels86 says:

    I think you're being overly optimistic- this team still has too many holes. 3,4 and 5 in the rotation are big question marks, despite the recent overachieving of Dickey. I hope Niese is the real thing but too soon to tell. The offense has too many gaps as well- Francoeur will be Francoeur over the long haul, .250 hitter with no walks, mucho strikeouts and the occasional dinger. He is not the answer. No offense from 2nd base either and let's hope beltran is ready to play when he comes back. The bullpen is completely unreliable with no consistent setup relief. I hope Jesus Feliciano continues his high OBP in the bigs; if so, I'd replace Francoeur with this guy and put him in the 2 hole and let Wright, Bay and Barajas and eventually Beltran and Davis take care of the power.

    • kerelcooper says:

      Thanks for the comments. I understand the team has holes (most teams do) but I still see no reason why this team can't go 7-2 (at least 6-3) against the Padres, Orioles and Indians. Padres are decent but the other two team are terrible.

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