Around MLB May 31, 2010

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

First, I want to say Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all the troops, past and present who help keep our great nation safe.

Top Stories:

  • Watch all 27 outs of Roy Halladay’s perfect game. Even though I’m a Mets fan when someone throws a perfect game you have to tip your cap to him.
  • The idiot Phillies fan who purposely vomited on a man and his daughter pleaded guilty. This fool should get jail time and never be allowed in a ballpark again.
  • Over at the Biz of Baseball Maury Brown puts together an analysis the first interleague attendance. Very interesting stuff, check it out.
  • Apparently the Texas Rangers are in some financial trouble. They still owe Alex Rodriguez some money, let’s see if he gets paid.
  • Streaks and Standings:

  • Wins: Atlanta Braves have won 5 in a row and currently sit in second place (.5 games out) in the NL East.
  • Loss: Arizona Diamondbacks have lost 7 in a row and are in last place (10.5 games out) in the NL West.
  • Standings: For a complete listing of all the MLB standings go here.
  • Series of The Week:

    I’m looking forward to the Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves (May 31-June 2, 2010). As a Mets fan I’m looking forward to watching the two teams ahead of my Mets beat each other up. Hopefully the Mets will gain some ground on one of them this week.


    In case you missed it, Kendry Morales of the Los Angeles Angels hit a walk off grand slam and broke his leg in the celebration. Below is video of what happened. What a terrible way to end up on the DL. Thanks to Dave over at The Mets Report for posting this video.

    Source: Cdawg816 You Tube Channel

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