Mets Are Full Of Streaks

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

The Mets have lost the last two after winning five in a row. Below is a look at some of the streaks the Mets and their players have been on this year. I’m sure there is more than this so feel free to add more in the comments section.

Losing Streaks:

  • 4 in a row (April 10-14)
  • 3 in a row (May 1-3)
  • 5 in a row (May 12-16)
  • Winning Streaks:

  • 8 in a row (April 22-30)
  • 5 in a row (May 22-27)
  • Position Players:

  • Jason Bay: 9 game hitting streak (April 23-May 2)
  • David Wright: 15 games in a row with at least one strike out. (May 3- May 18)
  • Mets Pitchers:

  • Johan Santana: Went 4 starts without a win (May 2 -18)
  • Mets Pitching: 35 IP without giving up a run.
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    2. Geoffrey Gold says:

      They are on an errorless streak …. not sure what it's up to … like 8 or 9 games. The last error was Cora against the Yankees on May 21st.

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