Sketching The Mets: Interview with Joe Petruccio

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

One of the more interesting Mets blogs that I visit on a daily basis is My NY Mets Journal Blog by Joe Petruccio. Joe takes a very unique approach to blogging about the Mets. He creates a sketchbook entry after each game. Read below as I talk to Joe about his inspiration for the blog, the Mets playoff chances in 2010 and more.

Q. Tell the readers about yourself and My NY Mets Journal Blog.
A. Well, For starters, I’m an artist who works primarily in the music & entertainment business. I am the Official artist for The Elvis Presley estate and many other people in the Music industry. Recently I’ve started working in sports, my other passion. I am the Official artist for Muhammad Ali as well as being the Official artist for the 30th Anniversary of Rocky. Everyone can check out my work at

I also worked in the Advertising industry and worked on the NY Mets account as an Art Director back in the early 80′s. There I worked on a few campaigns for the Mets.
But the highlight was being able to design the uniform they wore (racing stripes) when they won the 1986 Championship!

I am a HUGE Mets fan. I bleed orange and Blue. Every year I start a journal to try and capture The Mets season in a sketchbook but each year I get frustrated so I stop about June or July.

Q. How did you come up with the idea and what was the inspiration behind My NY Mets Journal Blog?
A. This year I started to journal the season again. I didn’t want to fail. So I started a blog. After every game I do a drawing and post it. I figured that some of the people who follow my art would inspire me to keep going, That is what is happening now. Only I am finding a lot more fans and friends which is really cool. I can’t let them down.

Q. All of your Mets sketches are fascinating. Do you have a personal favorite? If so which one?
A. I guess the one that makes me laugh the most is the one from May 5th. It’s called “Sinko de Metso” a take off on Cinco de Maio. It shows Jerry Manuel sinking and his glasses floating to the top of the sea.

Q. Three of your more recent sketches talk about Jerry Manuel being fired. Do you think it’s time for the Mets to make a change?
A. I think some change is needed. I’m really not sure what it is. You can’t fire a whole team. I guess in Baseball as in other sorts, a manager is fired to inspire.

Q. It’s still early, but give me your thoughts on the Mets playoff chances this season?
A. I think we have the ability and the players to get there. We just need consistency. Every once and a while we see these bursts of greatness. We need to keep it going. This past Yankee series should “inspire” them to believe they have what it takes.

Thanks so much for this opportunity to talk to the fans. Thank you all for your support and for following my blog. Hopefully it well end well and make a great book at the end of the season.

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