Series Preview: Mets vs. Yankees Interview with Bronx Baseball Daily

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In preparation for this weekends subway series, I chatted with Robert Abruzzese of Bronx Baseball Daily and fellow Baseball Bloggers Alliance member. Read below as we discuss the subway series, Javier Vazquez and much more.

Q. Tell the readers a little about yourself and Bronx Baseball Daily.
A. I am a blogger with a journalism degree from “Fuhgeddaboudit University” better known as Brooklyn College. I have worked for the NY Daily News, Pinstripes Plus magazine, and various other sports publications. Bronx Baseball Daily was started about a year and a half ago and has grown into one of the most successful Yankees Blogs on the internet. I also am the publisher of Broadway Hockey Daily and Flushing Baseball Daily, Rangers and Mets blogs respectively.

Q. The Yankees are defending World Series Champs and a favorite to go back to the World Series in 2010. What are your thoughts on a return trip to the World Series?
A. The 2009 Yankees had the makings of a dynasty and I said all offseason that the only thing that could stop them in 2010 were injuries and so far that has been the case. The Yankees came out of the gate fast this season, but have been slowed down by a long list of injuries lately. For the most part they are minor injuries that they will get past though so a trip to the playoffs looks likely. Winning a World Series always takes a bit of luck, but the way their pitching staff has looked this season indicates that a repeat is certainly another possibility.

Q. Javier Vazquez looked like a good pick up for the Yankees at the back end of their rotation. Thus far he’s struggled and the media and fans are all over him. Did you think it was a good pick up at the time and how confident are you in Vazquez?
A. I haven’t given up on the idea that the Javier Vazquez trade will be a fruitful one for the Yankees, but with the way he’s pitching it’s hard to blame those who have. The thing about the trade was that the Yankees didn’t give up a whole lot, an outfielder who is currently hitting .195 for Atlanta, Melky Cabrera, and a good pitching prospect who is probably at least four years away from the majors. The alternative was either Sergio Mitre or Chad Gaudin so I still think the Yankees made the right gamble.

Q. Give me one area of the Yankees roster you’d like to see them improve?
A. As far as improving the Yankees roster, if they get guys back from the DL things will be fine. The biggest issue right now is at DH. The Yankees took another gamble in thinking that Nick Johnson would stay healthy and now he’s probably out until August. The Yankees have other options, but right now you have to wonder how long they are going to hold out until they recall their top prospect Jesus Montero from the minors and plug him in at DH.

Q. The Mets and Yankees play 6 times a year now. Do you like the subway series and what are your thoughts on inner-league play as a whole?
A. I love the Subway Series. No matter how good or bad either team is, this is a series I think everyone in New York looks forward too. Some of the other interleague games seem a bit arbitrary, but the Subway Series makes up for that. The Mets also have a team that I think is right on the precipice of greatness and I’m not sure a lot of Yankee fans realize this. Obviously the Mets have a lot of their own issues right now especially within their rotation, but I think this weekend will open a lot of eyes in the Bronx because the Yankees their fair share of issues with all their injuries. So I’d actually say the teams are pretty closely matched-up right now. This will be an exciting weekend (I just hope that Castillo is practicing those infield flies).

Special thanks to Robert for answering my questions. Be sure to check him out over at Bronx Baseball Daily.

Here is the schedule and pitching match-ups for this series.

  • NY Yankees at NY Mets | 7:10 PM | Vazquez vs Takahashi
  • NY Yankees at NY Mets | 7:10 PM | Hughes vs Pelfrey
  • NY Yankees at NY Mets | 8:05 PM | Sabathia vs Santana
  • For a complete listing of the Mets schedule click here.

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