Interview With Mets Public Record

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

For those of you who missed it, I was a guest on the Mets Public Record Blog Talk Radio Show last night. Click here to listen as we talk about Playing For Peanuts, David Wright, the Mets pitching and much more.

I want to thank Anthony, Rich and Tommy for having me on. Be sure to check out these guys over at their website: Mets Public Record and their weekly podcast show.

Also, Rich this video below is for you :)

Bobby Valentine Invents The Wrap Sandwich

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4 Responses to Interview With Mets Public Record

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  2. AC Wayne says:

    Thanks for pub…I guess Richie was right…hands down, Valentine invented the wrap sandwich…hilarious.

  3. kerelcooper says:

    Anytime. Keep up the good work and let me know if you ever want me on the show again. I had fun.

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