Playing for Peanuts –Wally Backman Gets Ejected

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

A couple weeks ago I blogged a post game speech clip from Wally Backman. Watch the video below as Backman gets ejected.

Playing for Peanuts –Wally Backman Gets Ejected (Uncensored – NSFW). UNCENSORED VERSION. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Please note that the Playing for Peanuts DVD has all the curses “bleeped out,” so the show is actually family-friendly. And for some reason, adding bleeps to Wally’s speeches makes them sound kind of funny. Click here to buy the 3-DVD Set for $24.99 + s/h. The 3-DVD set includes 10 episodes + Bonus Content and Deleted Scenes.

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16 Responses to Playing for Peanuts –Wally Backman Gets Ejected

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  2. BaseballAnalyst says:

    Wow! Pretty intense. Do all managers swear like sailors when they are hot? LOL! I do think umpires are not suppose to be seen or heard from and they have too much power in tossing players and managers. There should be a review system after the game, and umpires should be penalized for an unnecessary toss.

    • planethardball says:

      This umpire was actually fined and suspended for his actions because the umpire-in-chief was at the game and saw everything that happened. In other words, there was no reason for the batter (former Rockies prospect Doc Brooks) to be tossed. Wally was right.

      Thanks for posting the video, Kerel. And I agree, bleeping Wally is hilarious. It took forever, but it was alot of fun to do it. In the WFAN clip from the other day, they accidentally bleeped out the word "Doc" (referencing Brooks) – I guess they wanted to play it safe because everything that comes out of Wally's mouth in that speech could potentially be NSFW.

    • no name says:

      As bad as the call was, the Wally definately overreacted. However, he was nice enough to tell the catcher to move out of the way.

  3. Jason says:

    Man, I love me some baseball. When he gets really mad, he kicks dirt on the plane. Amen.

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  5. kerelcooper says:

    Backman telling the catcher to move was one of the funniest parts of the video LOL.

  6. june says:

    This was to funny. Add them playing why can't we be friends makes it even funnier. I love baseball.

  7. bgjgj says:

    i love i-t

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  11. Andy says:

    WOWOW This team is from my hometown! What an embarrassment!

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  13. Buckeye says:

    The fact that he was not suspended or fined is an embarassment to that league.

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