Who Should Take Oliver Perez Spot In The Rotation

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

I and just about every Mets fan have seen enough of Oliver Perez. Once again last night he was terrible. I think it’s time for the New York Mets organization to face the facts. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cold or warm, Oliver Perez cannot cut it. With that said, I asked the following question on Twitter last night: So let’s hear it. Who should take Ollie’s spot in the rotation & what role would u give Ollie?

Below are some of the responses:

  • Ben_Yoel – Takahashi becomes 5th starter and R.A. Dickey becomes long man.
  • publicrecord – no brainer, Takahashi, let Perez work out his problems in the minors
  • VegasMetsPundit – id say takahashi, i know that leaves a hole but iggy will be back soon…
  • BOsaysEHTM – ughhhhh craig swan at this point
  • MiddleAgedSport – triple a for Ollie takahashi has earned a start
  • J_St33z – The only role 4 Ollie is AAA…if we cn even send him dn thr. All he does is walk, walk, HR, walk. He cnt help out of bullpen.
  • ailiakostas – Send Ollie to Buffalo and either sign Jarrod Washburn or call up R.A. Dickey.
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