Playing for Peanuts – Wally Backman Post-Game Speech

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As some of you may remember, “Playing for Peanuts” was a reality/documentary show about minor league baseball that aired on SNY. The show followed the South Georgia Peanuts and their manager – former Mets 2B and current Brooklyn Cyclones skipper, Wally Backman.

Since Wally Backman is back in the Mets organization and will be spending all summer in Brooklyn, Peanuts producer John Fitzgerald is sending me some of the bonus footage that he has released online, along with commentary.

“Peanuts” producer John Fitzgerald is offering Mets bloggers a $5 commission for every 3-DVD set sold on the web. So if you like “Playing for Peanuts” series and want to help me out, please support us and Buy the 3-DVD Set for $24.99 + s/h.

Playing for Peanuts – Wally Backman Post-Game Speech (Uncensored – NSFW). UNCENSORED VERSION. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

John Fitzgerald:

This clip contains the audio of Wally’s postgame speech following the team’s first loss. We opted to keep our cameras out of the locker room, even though the coaching staff would have allowed us to film the speech. In retrospect, it would’ve been nice to have this speech on video, but the players were unfamiliar with our crew at the time so it was probably for the best. That said, I think this speech is a great example of how fired up Wally can get after a bad loss. Speeches like this seemed to motivate the team throughout the season – although Wally only got this fired up a few times. He only used this tactic when it was necessary.

Please note that the Playing for Peanuts DVD has all the curses “bleeped out,” so the show is actually family-friendly. And for some reason, adding bleeps to Wally’s speeches makes them sound kind of funny.Click here to buy the 3-DVD Set for $24.99 + s/h. The 3-DVD set includes 10 episodes + Bonus Content and Deleted Scenes.

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