Q & A: Should Davis Stay At 1b When Murphy Returns

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In the video below I answer the following viewer question – NintendoGeKE: Do you think that Davis should stay at 1st when Murphy comes back?

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4 Responses to Q & A: Should Davis Stay At 1b When Murphy Returns

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  2. RPtheOG says:

    So far this season Ike Davis has been a shining star on this Met team. He has proven to the Met fan and NY critic that he in fact has 'got the goods,' to be an everyday player. Daniel Murphy on the other hand has only proven that he may not be ready for the BIG SHOW. Murphy may need to go back down and find a new position, but personally I don't know where that would be? He has already proven to be a liability in the OF and with SS and 3B taken by all-star players and the rising star Ike Davis at 1B, Murphy will have a tough time playing for the Mets. I like Ike and hope he keeps up the good work.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I never understood why the Mets or some Mets fans are in love with Daniel Murphy. He's proven to be an average player at best and really not someone I want starting everyday on my team. I think it's time the Mets move on from Daniel Murphy.

  3. kerelcooper says:

    That may not be a bad idea actually.

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