Mets-Cardinals: The Tale of Two Teams

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

After last nights 20 inning marathon I started to think about what would the Mets fan reaction be today if Jerry Manuel had used two pitchers to bat in a key moment of the game and then sent two different position players to mound to pitch the way Tony La Russa did.

I reached out to Cardinals blogger and founder of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance Daniel Shoptaw to get a sense of the reaction from Cardinals fans.

In response to the managerial decisions La Russa made, Daniel says:

A lot of people aren’t going to put that game at the top of the “Tony La Russa is a genius” pile.

In response to my comment that Mets fans would be killing Jerry Manuel today if he had made those moves, Daniel says:

Tony La Russa has earned more than that here, plus the fanbase isn’t likely to get completely up in arms over one game. The team actually was in a good mood after it, appreciating what happened and just accepting the insanity of the whole thing, so that probably would help temper long-term resentment.

These statements by Daniel really tell the difference of two organizations that have gone in opposite directions ever since Yadier Molina’s game 7 NLCS HR in 2006.

Since the 2006 NLCS:

  • Cardinals: WS Title and NL Pennant (2006), NL Central Division title (2009).
  • Mets: 2 September collapses (2007 and 2008), no playoff births and a long list of injuries and embarrassing moments.
  • I guess this shows the difference between not getting completely up in arms over one game (Cardinal Fans) as oppose to a need to win every game and living on the edge (Mets Fans)…

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