Mets Game Recap: Mets 3 Rockies 11

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Quick Game Notes:

  • Final Score: Mets 3 – Rockies 11
  • Box Score: Click here for the complete box score.
  • Mets Record: 2-5
  • Key Moment In The Game: In my opinion the key moment was the 3rd inning when the Rockies scored 6 runs off John Maine and opened up an 8-0 lead. At that point the game was pretty much over.
  • Game Ball: David Wright: 2-2 | 1 HR | 2 BB | 1 RBI. The only bright spot in what we a bad night for the Mets.
  • Up Next: The Mets will try to pick up the pieces in game two of this series against the Rockies: Wednesday April 14, 2010 at 8:40pm.
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    5 Responses to Mets Game Recap: Mets 3 Rockies 11

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    2. FormerDirtDart says:

      Don’t forget, Bay finally batted in a run, first on the Mets

    3. Jason says:

      Im sorry guys but the mets are done…… year after year after year they just make you not want to be a met fan anymore, me and a lot of mets fans gave up on this team already. Put it in the books they are DONE. I cant stand watching this team anymore. Its pathetic and embarasing.

    4. RPtheOG says:

      Ahhh the Mets. John Maine needs to be sent down to the minors or cut. Now, this is coming for a fan, who actually thought Maine had the goods. I don't care if he makes $400k/season if the guy cant get past the 4th inning there is no room for him on this roster. I'd much rather see Nieve or Parnell given the opportunity to start. Maybe one of the two can make the best of that. It really makes you want to ask "where is Minaya's head at?" He loses Figuroa, who couldn't pitch much worse than Maine is and the best part is he'd in Philly RED. I bet that won't bite the Mets in the ass at all.

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