Early On Mets Offense Lacking The Big Hit

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

The Mets have started out the season 2-4. In my opinion they should have at least one, maybe two more wins if the offense got a couple of key hits. Based on information over at the Mets team page on Yahoo, with RISP with 2 outs the Mets have left 25 men on base. In the video below I give my thoughts on adjustments to the Mets lineup that can help kick start the offense.

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  3. Great idea of putting Cora eighth. Cora should be managing in Double A not being paid to play. And he definitely shouldn't be batting second–or first. I loathe the idea of the pitcher batting eighth, but with this Mets club it might provide more power to have a pitcher bat eighth and Castillo/Cora ninth. Ollie Perez is the only Met to get a hit with a Met in scoring position the last two games! And they expect me to stay up until 1 a.m. watching them get overmatched in Denver? What a waste of a good turn through the rotation and some rare effective bullpen work. They've now lost three of their last four series against the putrid Nationals.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I'm hoping that the day off and getting out of town may help relax this team. It was so frustrating watching them leave so many men on base in scoring position. A couple key hits here and there and this team could easily be 4-2 instead of 2-4. They've got a tough stretch coming up with the Rockies and Cardinals, I'm hoping they can keep it together…

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