Photos: McFadden’s Citi Field, HR Apple and More

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Yesterday I took a trip out to McFadden’s Citi Field. Shawn Baker (GM of McFadden’s Citi Field) offered to give me a tour of the facility. Shawn is the same guy who hooked me up with McFadden’s in NYC to shoot the Mets Blogger Roundtable Series.

I was curious to see what progress had been made since Shannon of Mets Police posted these photos a couple weeks ago. My initial reaction: wow the inside of this place is huge. If you’ve ever been to the McFadden’s in NYC, you can probably fit three or four of those inside of this venue. My next reaction: there is a lot of work that still needs to be done in order for this place to be functioning for opening day. A few addition things:

  • Shawn says while there still is a lot of work to be done over the next 6 days, they are still planning to be open for business on opening day. He also added that a lot of the guys working on this project are Mets fans so that provides additional motivation for them to be ready opening day. Let’s hope they can get it done!
  • There is huge main room, where the bar is. There is also an additional room for dining and private parties.
  • If you haven’t heard by now, Boomer and Carton of WFAN plan on doing their morning show live from McFadden’s Citi Field on opening day. One of the photo below outlines where they will be stationed. Shawn says the plan is to open the doors at 9am for fans to come in.
  • Also below are some additional photos of the Home Run Apple on the move, bricks and banners.
  • I want to thank Shawn for giving me this tour and I wish you good luck over the next 6 days getting the place ready for the thousands of Mets fans hoping to see the place on opening day!

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    10 Responses to Photos: McFadden’s Citi Field, HR Apple and More

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    3. Jerry says:

      Thanks for posting these pictures. Can't wait to see the place next Monday.

      So is the Home Run Apple from Shea Moving to main entrance of Citi Field?

      • kerelcooper says:

        No problem. I to can't wait to see the finished product of McFadden's next week. Yes it looks as though the home run apple is moving to the entrance of Citi Field, right outside of the Jackie Robinson rotunda.

    4. Joe B says:

      I can't believe we always celebrate "Chavez's Catch". We lost that games and series to the likes of Jeff Weaver & Jeff Suppan"

      • kerelcooper says:

        I hear ya but I think because Chavez was such a fan favorite, it was a great catch and IF (big if) the Mets would have won that game and gone on to win the WS that year it was have went down as one of the greatest/most famous plays in team history. We would have put that one right up there with the ball rolling through Buckner's legs. But as you said, the Mets lost but I think fans still hold onto it as a "what could have been" moment.

      • Joe D. says:

        Usually moments can be divided into entire games or just one single part that had nothing to do with the win in the end, but did at the time. The catch was clutch and kept us alive all the way up to one strike away fronm the World Series. The Mets have many moments like that in their history. Give Endy his due, it was not only a great Mets moment but voted the best post season defensive play of the year when it won the ESPY.

    5. Joe D. says:

      I relly love those new historic bricks despite the foul up with one of them which has since been corrected. (Isn't it great to have a site like Mets Police that keeps them on their toes? lol) They really are a classy touch and make such an incredible difference in my opinion. The banners are also a wonderful touch and gives us a chance to commemorate even more of our past players. Thanks for posting Kerel and great job as always. Lets Go Mets!

    6. kerelcooper says:

      Thanks Joe. I agree the historic bricks are a nice touch. I was pleasantly surprised by the banners. One of the biggest complaints by Mets fans last year was that Citi Field didn't feel like "home". Well with these banners and the move of the apple, for anyone taking the train to games, as soon as you step off the train and come down the stairs into Citi Field, you will feel like you are "home". I think the Mets used some of their creative juices by mixing the old school with the new (on the banners). They did a good job.

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