McFadden’s Citi Field Commercial

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In case you guys haven’t seen this, below is a video of McFadden’s Citi Field commercial. I’ve got tickets to opening day so I can’t wait to visit McFadden’s!

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  1. Eddie Vegas says:

    I really cannot wait to get to McFadden’s before a game. Most other ballparks I visit part of the experience is the pregaming. This one thing, we have always missed due to the lack of a bar scene near Shea/Citi, I think this is going to a. be wonderful and b. open the door to hopefully more places coming on board and give fans much more to do besides the game and make it a full day/night experience. I also cannot wait to get the opp to meet metsbloggers and have a few cold ones with all of you guys!

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