Top Five Blog Posts For February 2010

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

Below is a listing of the top five most viewed stories on for the month of February 2010

1. Mentioning the name “Luis Castillo” really strikes a nerve with Mets fans. If you don’t believe me just check out some of the comments on the Poll: Luis Castillo Confidence Level blog post.

2. I’ve said in the past that I am concerned with how K-Rod will perform this season. Click here to see how Mets fans voted on what will K-Rod’s ERA be in 2010.

3. In this video, I give my thoughts on some of the New York Mets Prospects.

4. In another poll check out how many stolen bases Mets fans think Jose Reyes will have in 2010.

5. In this video post, I explain why I feel the Mets need a big year from Jeff francoeur.

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