Poll: Luis Castillo Confidence Level

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

In 2009 Luis Castillo played in 142 games and put up the following stats: .302 avg | 147 H | 12 2b | 20 SB. Dispite a dropped ball against the Yankees, in my opinion Castillo was the Mets 2009 team MVP due to his consistency throughout the season. Coming off what I think was his best season in 4 years the Mets unsuccessfully tried to trade him over the off-season. Please take the poll below and let me know how confident are you in Luis Castillo repeating his 2009 performance.

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31 Responses to Poll: Luis Castillo Confidence Level

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  2. stickguy says:

    I voted for no way.

    Besides, those were pretty hollow numbers. And I doubt he will make the 142 games this year. But 12 doubles in that many PAs? Horrible. And the defense was weak (and not just that pop up) since he had little range, and couldn’t even charge a slow hit ball.

    • sheagoodbye says:

      That has nothing to do with repeating the numbers he put up last year. No one is saying he’s good, its whether he can repeat those numbers or not.

      • sheagoodbyesanidiot says:

        No one is saying he's good?? Please, he's the prototypical number 2 hitter! His numbers and his accolades say he's good, it's just ignorant "fans" who say otherwise.

        Yeah, i put fans in quotations… if you're a real fan, you root for your team.

        • sheagoodbye says:

          I think he’s okay, if not a little below average. Fans bash him too much like always but he’s definitely not that good

          Positives- good batting average, high OBP, steals a few bases
          Negative- terrible power (he hit only 12 doubles last year, thats bad), poor defense, can’t drive in anyone

          He’s not terrible but he leaves a lot to be desired.

          • kerelcooper says:

            I'll be the first to admit that he's not the best 2b out there and I think the Mets gave him a terrible contract. Considering how he played in 2008 and had the fans all over him, I think he performed ok in 2009. His over all numbers were the best they have been since 2006.

  3. royhobbs7 says:

    He’s lucky to be playing regularly by All Star Break. Last year, he was very fortunate not to have any knee problems.

    • kerelcooper says:

      you know I said the same thing last year. The ironic thing about 2009 is out of all the injuries the Mets had, he played just about more games than most of the every day players.

  4. bbgods says:

    Even if he repeats his season exactly, his defense hurts the team. The real question is, do you think he can improve his range, while staying healthy and getting on base at a high rate?

  5. Guest23 says:

    seriously, look at his month-by-month. does that seem at all consistent?

    • kerelcooper says:

      ok I just checked his month-by-month stats. He had low avg in May and June but he also stole 8 bases and walked 28 times in those two months. So he did have some time of production.

  6. @moodswingr says:

    I think Luis is a consummate professional ball player…who hits for absolutely NO power. I think this rubs most fans the wrong way (along with that 4 year contract). I personally appreciate the attributes he DOES have…like a high lifetime OBP. I know he’s not the second coming of Fonzie in his prime, and i don’t need him to be.

  7. Jameson says:

    I’m not exactly sure how well Castillo will do and, honestly, I’m not sure it’ll matter if Wright, Beltran and Reyes perform. If those guys can hit like they did in ’06, then there’s no need for Castillo to be an all-star in terms of offense. He’s probably not going to get any better at defense, but as long as he plays fundamental ball he’ll be fine.

  8. fundba says:

    It doesn't matter what type of season Slappy has, he is a jinx to the Mets ever since he joined the team in 2007. He is especially a jinx and bad influence to Jose Reyes. In 2007, Jose's hitting started to go down hill once Slappy joined the team (although matt cerrone attrubuted Jose's bad finish to fatigue ). And in 2008, Jose was hitting well while Slappy was on the disabled list. But once Slappy returned to the clubhouse, Jose's season started to tail off again (although matt cerrone again attrubuted Jose's bad finish to fatigue ). And in 2009, while Slappy was on the team the whole year, you know what happened to Jose….. So do you want a repeat good but soft hitting season from Slappy at the expense of Jose doing bad ? And I don't want Slappy hitting second behind Jose, why would you want to increase the chances of a doubleplay with his frequent ground ball to the left side of the infield ????

  9. Justin says:

    If you think what Castillo did last year was worthy of being the team's MVP, you are dilusional.

  10. Ian says:

    I think Luis can have the type of season he has last year but confidence is key.

  11. Ihatecastillo says:

    Castillo is horrible. He can’t hit, and he has no range. Sure, the guy can lay down a bunt to sacrafice a runner over. But other than that, he’s horrible. The day the Mets get rid of him, is the day the team gets a lot better.

  12. Guest says:

    All you need to know is no one wanted him. No one wanted him when Omar foolishly gave him four years. No one has wanted him since. If he was any good, if he had clubhouse ability, if he was a good teammate, someone would take him. No one wanted him.
    He can have all the numbers you want to tiut. He doesn’t deliver, has no power, limited range, and an attitude. Add to that he driopped the ball, dropped the ball against the Yankees, Done.

  13. Matt says:

    Castillo, everyone seems to forget, won three Gold Gloves while with Florida. Yes, that was 5 years ago, but to make it out that he is just “bad” defensively is ludicrous. The dropped pop-up is irrelevant, c'mon. Now, that doesn't mean all is well, I just can't stand everyone making it out as if he simply stinks!

    • Justin says:

      The worst thing you can do is judge players based on what they do in the past. It's like picking a stock because it did good a year or two ago. His range was embarassing last year and was a big reason the pitching staff struggled.

      • kerelcooper says:

        I have to agree with Justin on this one. I don't know if we can judge an aging veteran on what he did 3-4-5 years ago. I have two concerns with Castillo this year. 1) can he stay healthy 2) his range, which there is nothing we can do about that. I will say though if he can put up the same numbers he did last year I can live with that (especially if everyone else performs up to their capabilities).

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  15. Eric says:

    Castillo was a liability to the team last year on may levels last year despite his high BA and OBP. Anyone who does not see that does notr really understand the game or stats. Even without the pop-up his defense was damaging to the team. He has no range to his left, which was particluarly important when the 1B was playing his first season ever at the position. At least on a half dozen occasions he was napping and forgot to cover 2B on a play to the left side of the infield.

    His offense was a liability also, even with his .300 avg., and .387 OBP. He has absolutely zero power, which is a huge liability to this team. The fact is that with a runner on 2B, he has zero chance of driving in the run. The OF play so shallow, Usain Bolt couldn't score from 2B. His approach is way too passive at the plate, he sits with a 2-0 count at the plate and lets a strike down the middle by and is only good for a sacrifice bunt at any time which is unacceptable when a pitcher is an automatic out already.

  16. JonathanC says:

    I think folks in the Metfansphere have had it in for Castillo all along, just like many had it in for Delgado. But, u guys sure love Daniel Murphy though and alot of u gave Brian Schneider such a pass. I can appreciate the fact that Schnide was a nice guy, but he sucked and u barely heard a word about it.

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