Q & A: Did The Mets Adequately Address Their Issues

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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2 Responses to Q & A: Did The Mets Adequately Address Their Issues

  1. Caz says:

    This team will stink again. I'll be rooting for the Red Sox while going to Yankee and Phillie Stadiums. I can't stand the Mets any more.

    You see, liking a sports team is comparable with marriage. The Mets have been my wife 25+ years. But they have turned into someone I don't care to be married to any more. I don't like her morals, she makes awful decisions, she is horrible with the finances, she disappoints me time and time again, and she just doesn't care about my feelings. Life is short and there are other more attractive suiters out there throwing themselves at me, begging me to take them home. This is a decision I've struggled with for many years, and it's time. The divorce papers are in the mail and I will be dating her enemies just to piss her off. Hell, I might even marry one of them some day. God speed Mets fans.

    • kerelcooper says:

      LOL this is probably one of the most entertaining comments I've have (keep em coming). So thank you for that. With that said, if the Mets come out the gates blazin and playing good baseball, you'll be at Citi Field cheering them on. No other team will give you the pain, misery, joy, laughters and memories like the Mets will. And just like a marriage, the grass is not always greener on the other side, so I'm going to be a return to sender note on your divorce papers.

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