Mets Need A Big Year From Jeff Francoeur

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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4 Responses to Mets Need A Big Year From Jeff Francoeur

  1. Bill Miller says:

    Not that I have anything against Jeff Francoeur personally, but he is one of the worst everyday players in the Major Leagues. His On-Base Percentage over the past three years has hovered right around .300, and his OPS is just a little over .700, very poor for someone receiving nearly 600 At Bats per year. Although he is still young, he just hasn't shown any real growth at all as a hitter.

    • kerelcooper says:

      I don't know if I would agree that he's one of the worst everyday players but I will say that I think a lot of the issues that you raise stem from the fact that he swings at everything. There isn't a pitch that he doesn't like. Since he's still young, if someone can get to him and he can develop some discipline, I think he can be a much better offensive player.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Jeff Francoeur swings at a lot of pitches, but if he swings at a fastball belt high, I expect that to be hit. It does not matter to me how Jeff Francoeur produces, as long as he does produce it is fine with me.

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