Thoughts On The Future of First Base

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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  2. @iheartmets says:

    One other possible reason is that the Wilpons are out of money. Because as much as Daniel Murphy is a player we can like, he also does not have enough power to meet the Mets offensive needs, especially at Citi Field. I also think that if the Mets are looking to insert a promising rookie then they’re basically giving away the first couple of months of the season on an experiment. So here’s the question. Is 2010 a rebuilding year? The wait and see approach to first seems to indicate that. I think most fans (perhaps I’m wrong) want the Mets to go deep into the playoffs in 2010. We’ll need some heavy lumber at 1B to make that happen.

    • kerelcooper says:

      You raise a good point about the Wilpons financial situation, although I'm not sure we will ever truly know how their finances are shaping out. In terms of rebuilding, I don't think Mets fans will tolerate a rebuilding year and I think most Mets fans expect this team to compete for the playoffs every year.

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