Minaya Interview: Notes & Thoughts

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

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  2. riccardino says:

    Excellent recap..couldn’t agree more on Maine and Perez. I am a glass half full guy, but the numbers don’t lie. Maine and Perez have both yet to pitch 200 innings in a season. The one guy that I would have made a push for is John Garland, and not because I think he is a front of the rotation starter. Solely because he has averaged 200 innings for 8 years and he is only 30 years old. I believe the Padres signed him to a 1year/5.3 million dollar deal. Cheap enough. For those who think the pitchers on The Met’s staff can give them just-as-good or better quality innings than a guy like Garland, I say first they have to prove they can take the ball 33 times. The guy has won 18 games twice, 14 two years ago. This could have taken some pressure off the bullpen. The Mets need to find 900-1000 innings from their starters. I hope Maine and Perez are up to the task.

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