Help The Haiti Earthquake Victims

Posted on by Kerel Cooper

As we all know by now, Haiti has been devastated by an earthquake.  MLB has teamed up with Unicef to help the people of Haiti. You can watch a video of David Wright urging people to get involved. To donate to Unicef please click here.

On the same note here are a few links to some of my friends that have gotten involved in some fashion:

- NJ for Haiti: A couple friends are running this organization and are doing all they can by holding prayer vigils, accepting donations and dispersing information. Check them out here: Website or Twitter or Facebook

- Mets Today: Joe links to a number of different charities that you can donate to. I have not seen many bloggers talk about this tragedy on their site so Kudos to Joe. He actually inspired me to do this post.

- A buddy I went to college with, Erik Parker was actually in Haiti when the earthquake hit. Below is some amazing video he took. You can also ready about his experience here.

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